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Centrica Energy are a global renewable energy trading company which helps move energy from source to use powering businesses, homes, and societies as they transition to a new sustainable energy future. Across 8 offices on two continents, our +750 passionate and highly skilled energy experts help our clients buy and sell energy, helping make both affordable and sustainable living possible.

Centrica Energy is the trading and optimisation arm of Centrica plc, and a leading provider of energy risk management and optimisation services to business in addition to managing commodity risk and providing wholesale market access for the Centrica Group.

Centrica Energy trade power, gas, liquified natural gas and green certificates, connecting energy producers, suppliers and offtakers in wholesale energy markets. Centrica Energy are one of the largest renewable asset managers in Europe, with over 16.5GW of capacity under contract, of which more than 85% is renewable assets.
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