Corporate reporting

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Make sure your corporate reports get noted for all the right reasons. Join forces with senior professionals who have raised the bar for Scandinavian investor communication since 1997.

  • Annual reports
  • ESG and sustainability reports
  • Interim reports
  • CG Reports
  • Remuneration reports
  • Global tax reports
  • Investor and company presentations
  • Profile brochures
  • Annual general meeting materials
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • IPOs incl. retailbrochure and prospectus
  • SoMe activation

End-to-end advisory and execution

Would you like your reporting to be both accessible and in-depth? Factual and engaging? Precise and beautiful?

With Noted, you get leading Scandinavian specialists in corporate reporting. We advise, conceptualize and design from start to finish. Every year, we work closely together with our clients to develop more than 50 reports.

Whether you are a small-cap or C25 company, we bring the expertise, process, and best practices to ensure you succeed with your reporting.

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Annual reports

For your company's stakeholders, the annual report is still the most trusted source of information about your company. A well-crafted report conveys information clearly and correctly and helps create buy-in of business goals and strategy.

Producing a great annual report takes solid creative idea work and a well-established process. With Noted, you get the expertise and process to ensure that you deliver a fit-for- purpose report – every year.


ESG and sustainability reports

Relevance, materiality, balance, and usability are four key terms to consider when preparing a ESG and sustainability report. The finished report should show your company's purpose, business model, ambitions, sphere of influence, and role in society's sustainable transition—and it should convey how your work with sustainability is rooted in the organization.

Whether you want a stand-alone report or integrate ESG into your annual report, we can help. With a long and broad experience in the field, we ensure you deliver an ESG report with a compelling design that supports your messages.

Interim reports

Interim reporting is usually required of publicly held company, and it typically involves issuing three quarterly financial statements. The precise format and contents of interim reports issued by publicly held companies are defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

At Noted, we have a proven track record of delivering solid interim reports on time. We ensure every report is precisely aligned with your CVI and other reporting.

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Supplementary reports

In recent years, the supplementary reports have increased in numbers and scope and now include CG Reports, remuneration reports and global tax reports. Typically, supplementary reports will be published together with the annual report.

At Noted, we have the processes and expertise to deliver all sorts of supplementary reports – and we ensure that the design and layout follow that of the annual report.


Investor and company presentations

Investor presentations display a company's results, status on targets, and strategies; they are often used in connection with the release of interim or annual reports.

Company presentations are often more extensive presentations of the company; they are typically used at roadshows, company days, and similar.

At Noted, we have the experience and competencies to help you produce clear, effective, and on-brand presentations by reusing design elements from your annual report and sustainability report.


Investor websites

All listed companies need an investor website, either as a sub-site or as part of the corporate website.

At Noted, we can help you find the right solution. In collaboration with our long-time web development partners, we can create a best-in-class investor relations website that articulates your investment case and provides your investors with best-practice content.


A professionally produced video is a highly effective way to reach and engage with your investors – whether it be results day interviews or corporate videos.

We can help you translate your message into a convincing film. With our video production partners, we help you from start to finish with producing a high-quality video that gets your messages across.


Social media activation

Social media is a relatively new channel in the investor communications space, but it can be an effective channel for delivering your investor story.

We can help with ideas for a social media launch – from development of strategy and concept to creating and fine-tuning assets.