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Corporate branding

Whatever you aspire to be, look the part

Express your company's aspiration and lift your brand to new heights. We develop strategically based designs that help you get noted the exact right way.

  • Visual identity
  • Design guidelines
  • Graphic design and production
  • Digital design
  • Photo and film production
  • Signage & wayfinding
  • Naming and corporate narrative
  • Idea and concept development
  • Brand strategy and platform

Build your brand, brick by brick

It's true for people, and it's true for brands: you can go a long way with a strong personality.

At Noted, we are experts in developing designs that build a clear identity, make your company stand out, and set the direction for your organization.

You will work with senior professionals with a long track record with companies in various industries. Together, we can build your brand brick by brick – from analysis over development to activation.


Visual identity

A visual identity defines how your company is visually presented to the world. It significantly impacts how people perceive your brand.

We can help you create a strong visual identity that aids your company in establishing itself as a recognizable and trustworthy brand – an identity that encapsulates what you stand for and differentiates yourself from the competition.


Design guide and manual

A design guide or design manual outlines your company's visual identity. They serve as reference tools for designers, marketers, and other stakeholders to ensure consistency across channels.

We can help you develop a practical and inspiring guide or manual. One that makes it easy to communicate professionally, maintain a strong brand identity, and ensure a cohesive and consistent image across all channels.



In several companies, the presentation is a key communication channel. Great presentations not only help you to communicate better but also to build your brand.

We can help you create design templates, visual elements, and guidelines to build efficient presentations again and again. We know what it takes to give your team what they need to develop on-brand presentations that effectively communicate any message effortlessly.


Photo and video

Videos and images speak volumes about your company. Because people decode them instantly, they shape your company's perception in the blink of an eye.

At Noted, we can help you with everything from defining the right style, over instructing photo and film shoots, to editing the final images and videos. Our strategic approach ensures that the final assets are on brand and serve their purpose.


Ideation and concept development

There are always several different paths toward a final design, campaign, or solution. Finding the best one takes developing a creative concept with a solid central idea to guide the design and execution.

With Noted, you get a proven strategic approach for idea and concept development – and senior professionals that follow through with every project. We work closely with our clients to ensure our concepts align with your objectives.

Whatever the channel, we can make your audience look, think, and act.



Sales, engagement, loyalty, brand building, PR, and the list goes on: Websites facilitate a variety of purposes and for several organizations, they constitute critical infrastructure.

At Noted, we have designed and created websites for various brands and purposes. We bring the experience and process needed to develop sites that communicate effectively, provide a positive user experience, encourage engagement, and effectively fulfill your company’s needs.